Polyglott ConInter AB offers you SPEECH TO TEXT services: real-time live transcription and captioning.

These solutions are applicable in many different areas, such as:

Our software is smart adaptive and tailor-made for legal audio transcription, for example, arbitration hearings. It cancels out factors that reduce audio quality and identifies legal terms to provide exceptionally accurate court transcripts.

Our solution improves accessibility of university education for students with hearing impairment. With our software you get an accurate live transcription of university lectures and no longer need expensive services of sign language interpreters.

With web conferences gaining immense growth, our services enable you to integrate the live captions to your web conference platform (Zoom, Bongo, MSFT Teams, Blackboard Collaborate, Webex, and many others)

We offer software for media transcription and captioning of news, talk shows, video interviews, movies and more. Our software meets SMPTE and FCC requirements and cancels out factors that reduce audio quality. It identifies difficult terminology and speakers to provide exceptionally accurate transcripts and captions.

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We select the most relevant interpreter for your assignment and ensure that the interpreter is well prepared. For recurrent assignments for the same customer we do our best to provide continuity and engage the same interpreter

Interpreting equipment

We provide you with top-notch digital equipment for professional simultaneous interpreting at competitive prices. Our technicians are on-site during the entire event to operate the system throughout the conference.


We translate to and from many languages and ensure your documents are accurate and consistent with the appropriate terminology,be it business, law, medicine, technology or multicultural marketing.