Our network of highly dedicated professionals includes more than 3000 internationally certified conference interpreters in more than 50 languages.

Conference Interpreting

We offer professional conference interpreters for international bi-lingual and multilingual conferences, sessions, meetings and workshops. Our interpreters are qualified experts in their field, with many years of experience interpreting different events in both public and private sector. The interpreters are hand-picked for each assignment to ensure that the message of your meeting is accurately and appropriately communicated to all the participants. We assist you to select the interpretation mode – simultaneous, consecutive or whispered – which will be most appropriate for your event.

For conference and business interpreting we engage regularly interpreters who are members of AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters), thus we can guarantee high standards and professional ethics.
We translate conference presentations, agendas and meeting handouts. We provide language support before and after the event.

Business interpreting/Corporate and study visits

We will be happy to provide you with tailor-made organizational infrastructure during corporate and study visits and guarantee you excellent communication with your customers. Our escort liaison interpreter accompanies your guest or delegation on a tour, on a visit, or to a meeting or interview. We can assist you to select and book meeting rooms and transportation.

When you wish to combine a study visit with sightseeing we will offer you specially selected guided tours.

Interpreting at International arbitrations and depositions

It is vital that information during arbitration proceedings and depositions is conveyed clearly and concisely across language divides; no witness testimony should encounter language barriers.

We have extensive experience providing interpreting services for international arbitration proceedings and depositions.

Confidentiality and Quality

Our interpreters and translators are bound by confidentiality agreement and the Code of Ethics. They are experienced professionals carefully selected to match your assignment.

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We select the most relevant interpreter for your assignment and ensure that the interpreter is well prepared. For recurrent assignments for the same customer we do our best to provide continuity and engage the same interpreter

Interpreting equipment

We provide you with top-notch digital equipment for professional simultaneous interpreting at competitive prices. Our technicians are on-site during the entire event to operate the system throughout the conference.


We translate to and from many languages and ensure your documents are accurate and consistent with the appropriate terminology,be it business, law, medicine, technology or multicultural marketing.